This week is a recap of a crazy weekend, and instances of inappropriate behavior.  From phone etiquette to uncontrollable laughter, we got to complain about it.


This is another duo episode with Lucas and Tyler.  This talk about what’s going on in their lives, and they have a moment of inspirational thoughts to the audience.


This week the guys do a quick Halloween recap, and then dive in to when Christmas times start.  Do you stand with Tyler that Thanksgiving is a holiday and deserves to not be trampled by Christmas music? Are you a diehard fan of Last Christmas, by Wham, like Chris? Do you find it entertaining to hear people fight over dumb things like Lucas?


This episode is technically a Halloween episode! It is centered around creepy times and scary stories the guys have for you.  Also, friend of the podcast Jordan Allen, from Jordan Allen & the Bellwethers, joins the guys for this themed episode!


Jordan Allen & the Bellwethers:


This week it is another duo episode with Tyler and Lucas, but here is first they don’t talk about movies!  With Halloween coming up they give ideas to dress up with significant others and your whole crew!


This is a great duo episode of Tyler and Lucas which means… it is a movie review!  From the title you know they are talking about Joaquin Phoenix, or at least they hope you know that.  With Joaquin comes an amazing origin story movie, Joker. There are spoilers in this review, so BEWARE!


Time codes for spoilers- 4:54 to 43:53 (basically the entire episode)


This week we talk about Snoop Dogg’s appearance at the University of Kansas, someone who mistakes gravel for hard drugs, and a lady who you think would have taken some hard drugs.


This week it is just Chris and Tyler! It’s a “grown up” conversation about how to buy a house!

It probably sounds boring, but if you’re interested in hearing what two “adults” have to say about houses it’s pretty funny.Ep_109_thumbnail.jpg

The guys are back, and they are specifically asked to stay away from bathroom talk.  They for the most part oblige the request by talking about a space cruise launches in 2025.


After two weeks the boys are back, and they are giving you that audio content you enjoy! Travel stories, college memories, and a little movie talk. This episode has got it all!


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