This week we have a little bit of a weekly update. We talk about alternative home decor, maps, and the NFL draft.  However, most of the time we make Jeff Corwin and the Crocodile Hunter Proud by talking about animals!


Jordan Allen & the Bellwethers

New Album: Weary in Well Doing

Spotify link:


This week we reveal Jordan’s big secret.  That’s right Jordan Allen is back.  He is here to tell us all about Jordan Allen & the Bellwethers’ new album!  We also have some fun conversation, so be sure to check in and listen.


Jordan Allen & the Bellwethers





Album Release Date: April 26th


Release Parties:

Locals Tavern

189 Frankfort St, Versailles, KY 40383

April 26, 8:00 pm to 12:00 am EST


Mirror Twin Brewing

725 National Ave, Lexington, KY 40502

April 27, 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm EST



The whole crew is back for this one! We promise the title isn’t as offensive as it sounds! We talk about some weird news, a little weird technology, and a little weird movie universes.


This week the crew is short by one, but it’s still a decent conversation that includes a lot of weird news articles, apathy, and a little video game news.


This week we descend into March Madness, but it’s not all basketball.  Some of it is just plain madness.  We talk about work fads, we ascend to someone new, and tempers flare.


We are back with awkward social interactions and debates.  Wether it’s from moving in with people to getting your haircut. We got you covered!


Tyler vents a little, Chris talks about awkward situations, and Lucas makes earthquake noises.  Why wouldn’t you want to listen to this episode!



This week we talk about some awkward instances in the retail setting, but what else is new we are awkward.  We talk a little about the Oscars with emphasis on Lady Gaga, sorry everyone is talking about it! Then we change the pace to some nerdy video game and movie topics that deal with Pokemon!


Streaming Now on Spotify

Gamble - Jordan Allen & the Bellwethers

Layla Jo - Jordan Allen & the Bellwethers



This week we have returning guest, Jordan Allen, from Jordan Allen & the Bellwethers.  He is our long time friend, and one of the funniest people we know.  Jordan has a big announcement in this episode while helping us make some priceless content for you guys!


Special Guest:

Jordan Allen

Twitter: @jordanallen12


Jordan Allen & the Bellwethers

Twitter: @JAandtheBWs


New Single Out Now - Gamble

Spotify Link- Gamble by Jordan Allen & the Bellwether's (on Spotify)


Single out on March 1st - Layla Jo


Show on March 1st:

2nd & Main

115 S Main St, Corbin, KY 40701

@ 7:00 pm EST



This episode we talk a little about movies, 90s animated shows, new videogames, and basically everything you could think of.


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