This week we do a quick update on life, and then we get into a cool topic.  It’s honestly like nothing we have talked about before!


The title speaks for itself, but if you need more of a description our main topic was good shows on Netflix.  Also, we briefly talked about Tyler’s wedding shower.


This episode is all about love. *hint, hint, wink, wink* we got lucky! This week there is a special guest and he talks with Tyler about Valentine’s Day.


This episode we start with reflecting on the Super Bowl, and then we follow some rabbit holes.

(Sorry for some audio problems)


This week we talk all about the Super Bowl!  From our predicted winners to our favorite commercials we cover it all!


This week we have a recap of Tyler’s Bachelor party that Chris planned. Give it a listen and get a sneak peak of the debauchery the guys took part in!


This episode we cover a lot of new life updates with Tyler, and he is very positive/excited about these updates.


With this being the first episode recorded in 2020, all we have to say is money, drugs, and drug money…  Just kidding live 2020 responsibly.



This episode is short and sweet where we talk about a new show, and pet peeves at the gym.  We also talk a little about Christmas and the New Year.


This week is not as existential as last week.  This week is like any normal episode, but this episode we have a very special guest!


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