This episode we have a couple great articles we talk about. One talking about TV and one talking about underwear hygiene.  Also, Tyler has a funny story to tell that relates to the title. You should definitely give this episode a listen! You might learn something or at least enjoy yourself!



This week is another short episode which you might be able to tell by the title.  We talk about what is cool & “trending”, what is old and what is wrong. It’s short and sweet and you should listen!


This week it is very movie and trailer heavy. We review Lion King and Stranger Things season 3 real quick, and we talk about trailers for The Witcher, Zombieland: Double Tap, and Mulan.  It’s a jam packed episode, so you should definitely check it out.


This week the full crew is back!  We start off a little gross with some bathroom talk, but isn’t that pretty normal for us.  Then we have a couple small topics about food, and we some how start talking about Marshawn Lynch.


Tyler and Chris catch up with each other in this episode talking about traveling they did recently. Also, they did a quick spoiler-free Spiderman: Far From Home review.


Please join us for our 100th episode!!! The title definitely hits at things we talk about in our episode wether we talk about playing Pokemon games, playing video games in general, joining obscure Facebook groups, or making 100 episodes of a podcast.


This is a shorter than usual episode with a lot of rabbit holes.  We go from some E3 news to slang you might have never wanted to know.


Are you looking for a new show to watch on Netflix, HBO, or any other streaming service?  Do you ever wonder how old your favorite actor is? Do you tear up at ASPCA commercials? Even if you didn’t answer yes to any of those questions, you should check out this episode!


We talk about our Memorial Day weekends, and from that we throw fast food favorites into the mix! So if you want to find out what Lucas and Tyler hate, or what obscure fast food Chris now loves, check out this episode.


This week we are back with a full crew! Part of the crew is perturbed about the Game of Thrones final season, so there are spoilers!  After that we talk about some upcoming movies and some DC news!


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