Tyler and Chris are missing two things this week, Lucas and topics.  So from Cambodian delicacies to how far can your mind push your body they cover it all. For example, what does your dream “man cave” look like, or what card games did you play in high school.

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So with the teaser trailer of the stand alone Joker movie out we speculate how well Joaquin Phoenix will do. We also talk about a leaked Harry Potter game that runs into us just talking about Harry Potter. It’s more interesting than it sounds so check it out!



This week we get to have an amazing conversation with a man of many talents.  He is a college professor, games journalist, voice actor, and author. He is the one and only Patrick Hickey Jr. be sure to listen and check out all the work he has done.






Book: The Minds Behind The Games



The Padre, Relentless Rex, Treason in Space, and more to come…



So we started the episode talking about the new Spiderman game and Fortnite update, then somewhere it took a turn for the worst. After this episode you might say our podcast is in the toilet.  You’d be wrong but not far off!




Honestly the title says it all.  Chris plunges into the science fiction world, while Lucas goes more into British Comedy.  All the while Tyler gets beef with Sony, but all of the guys meet at Cyberpunk 2077.



Parenting is hard. How are you going to punish your kids? What college do you want them to attend? Will you be able to help them with their homework? Will they need a tutor? Will they need a video game tutor?



This week Lucas and Tyler discuss a movie that was screened on a limited basis. Also we throw some other reviews in the the mix. You could say it’s a “blender” of reviews.



It’s been a bit, but we are back.  We are back recording and from vacation! In this episode we do a quick update on life, and then talk about our vacation.  We went to Austin, Texas for RTX a convention put on by Rooster Teeth.



This episode we talk a little more in depth of emerging stream sites. These new sites are Disney (which we have mentioned before, but we talk more in depth) and DC (Detective Comics).  We also fall down a rabbit hole a bit and talk about what makes a musical… a musical.



On this episode we haves some special guests! You may know them if you keep up with our Mini-Docs. They are Brian and Robyn Rodman!  Brian and his wife, Robyn, are on the journey of Kickstarting a comic, Memoirs of an Angel. With Brian and Robyn being friends of ours we thought we would do our best to help out the only way we know how… Getting them on the show and interviewing them. Please enjoy this episode and check out Brian’s book and Kickstarter.

Brian Rodman:





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