We talk about how Walmart in Canada had E3 spoilers, and we elaborate on the games coming out a bit. We also talk about a big “achievement” Chris reached. Check out this gaming news heavy episode!




We have an extra special guest, Drnkie, from Twitch! He streams Fortnite and has a podcast called Backspace Nomads.  We give you some insight on Twitch streaming, talk about the masterpiece that Marvel has for us (Deadpool 2), and analyze the masterpiece that Donald Glover has released on America (‘This is America’).  You do not want to miss out on this great episode!



We hit some Pop culture talking about Kanye and other hit artists, we even learn some hip terms to try and stay young.  However, we don’t sound cool at all because we lose any hype we had talking about nerdy things like geology, geography, and paper bags.  Another cool segment is Chris and Lucas crush Tyler’s hopes and dreams by telling him some of his favorite days aren’t holidays.  We then hit on Avengers: Infinity War, but don’t worry we take extra lengths to be sure and not spoil anything for the lame people that haven’t seen it yet.

Spoiler Time Codes:

48:31 - 49:05

49:19 - 50:20

50:50 - 51:35

52:05 - 54:24

56:18 - 56:55

57:22 - 59:53

To be safe just skip 48:31 - 59:53



As promised we bring you another episode, but with a little edgier humor! If you stick out til the end you won’t regret it, or you will.  We talk a little about the NFL draft, and we talk about big news with Discord and Microsoft. Check it out!




Help us celebrate this milestone of Episode 50 by listening to our normal hot mess of a podcast. This week we talk about A Quiet Place with no spoilers, and how intense it made you feel.  We also further that with talk of other movies that we thought were good because they made you feel.  Also we include a thank you to all of our audience out there we really appreciate you!



We finally get to review Ready Player One for you guys! Find out what we thought and laugh along the way.  This topic also leads into our favorite and least favorite book to movie transitions. Are you guys surprised? We actually read books!

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This week we have a lot of topics they start with John Krasinski and A Quiet Place and end up at the newest Spiderman game that comes to PS4 September 7th.  Listen and find out how we made that transition.  Also we have a special guest on the show, Dough,  from Gaming and Chill Podcast!

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“What is up in this episode of Better Than Static,” you ask. Well we have a special guest this week, we educate Chris on proper alcohol consumption, and answer the questions everyone asked about Pokemon when they were kids.Ep_47_Thumbnail.jpg


We start off sad talking about an NCAA tournament that is filled with upsets. One upset in particular hits close to home with us (UK vs Kansas St), but we make it through a show full of walks down memory lane from Hot Wheels to Tech Decks and much more.



From the ashes of one childhood memory (Toys R Us) comes another (Switch gets Super Smash). Then we talk about a lot of Fortnite news, but don’t worry if that’s not up your alley. We end on a high note of talking about Avengers: Infinity War and a recap of Lexington Comic Book and Toy Convention.

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